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Enter your dates, times and location and book your vehicle. Choose your insurance excess and verify your driving licence.


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When it’s time to drive, head to your vehicle’s parked location and complete a condition report with your phone.


Unlock it with your phone

Unlock your rental van using facial recognition in the Karshare app. At the end of your rental, simply return the vehicle to the pick-up location and lock with the app.

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Why choose Karshare?

By renting a van from your community, you can help reduce emissions and support local car owners. With driver telematics and contactless car collection, hiring a van has never been easier.

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Instant booking

All cars on Karshare are instantly bookable. See what’s available in real time.

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Keyless tech

Forget key handovers – get access to hundreds of cars with our mobile app.

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Safety first

Insurance and roadside breakdown cover included on all rentals.

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Nearby vans

No need to head to a garage, your next rental is parked just around the corner.

Kudos Credits

Rewarding better driving by giving Kudos Credits to great drivers for discounts on future rentals.

Drive safely

We score your driving style based on driver telematics

Earn Kudos Credits

Rewarded when you achieve a high driving score

Receive rental discounts

Kudos Credits are automatically applied at checkout

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“Using the app is very simple. It's reliable and convenient – you just unlock the car by Bluetooth!"

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Am I eligible to rent a vehicle?
Our renter requirements:
● Renter age between 21-70 years of age*
● UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and other licences accepted.
● Have had no more than one at fault insurance claim in the last 3 years
● Have a max of 25% of points deducted or added on the licence, depending on the country
(e.g. UK: no more than 3 points added to the licence; Spain: no more than 3 points deducted from the licence)
● Not have an outstanding County Court Judgement
● Have never been disqualified for driving
*For drivers aged 21-24 years, you need to have had 0 (zero) incidents since obtaining the licence. An email needs to be sent to prior to the rental declaring the above.
**Renters with Canadian licences must be aged between 25-70
For a more detailed overview of renter eligibility criteria, see here.
How does insurance work?
You will pay an insurance fee as a part of the price of renting a vehicle. This will fully insure you to drive the vehicle for the duration of the booking.
The standard excess for any rental booking is £950. This amount will be blocked on your card until the vehicle has been returned and the condition of the vehicle has been checked. When making a booking you have the option to reduce this excess down to £350 for an additional fee.
Do you support all phones?
The list below contains the makes and models of mobile phones which currently do not support our Android mobile application.
If you are a renter on our platform and your device is on the list, please note that it is highly likely that our application will not perform well (or open at all) and you will not be able to rent a car smoothly.

● Huawei Honor 10
● LG LM-G900 (Android 30) > version with BLE v5.1 chip (North America)
● LG LM-V600 (Android 29) > version with BLE v5.1 chip (North America)
● Motorola Moto G7 (All variants)Moto G8 Plus
● Motorola Moto G8 (All variants)One Plus Nord 100
● Motorola Moto G9 (All variants)Oppo A53
● Motorola Moto G30 (All variants)
● Nokia 5.4
● OnePlus 8 (All variants)
● One Plus Nord 100
● Oppo Find X2
● Oppo A53
● RealMe X3
● RealMe X5
● Redmi K20
● Redmi Note (All variants)
● Reno4 (All Variants)
● Xiaomi Mi 9T (All variants)
We are working hard on solving these issues, so please do check this list for regular updates. Meanwhile, please contact us at if you need more information.
How does fuel work?
We operate a fair fuel policy to ensure that Renters and Owners are treated fairly.
We record how much fuel is in the vehicle when a rental starts and ends. The renter is then charged for any missing fuel. If the renter returns the van with more fuel than they started we refund them the difference.
To ensure there is enough fuel left for the next person we ask renters that they do not return the van with less than a quarter of a tank.