Sam Howard

Engineer & Cloud Architect

What is your role at Karshare?

I joined Karshare in 2019, when we started building our Karshare GO Platform. In typical startup fashion I wear many hats within the technology team. I could be architecting solutions in our cloud infrastructure, writing code, interpreting business requirements, designing new features, each day is different.

Other than car sharing, what is your favourite sharing idea?

I became a member of a P2P brewing company a few year ago where you share brewing equipment to make your own beer. I love how the "sharing economy" has allowed people to share cars, offices, houses, equipment, clothes and more with new people, where they previously would have only had this level of trust with their friends. Now your network of "friends of friends" can be anyone - its a very exciting time.

Tell us something about yourself

I love building things and solving problems. Over the years in my free time I have built an IOT brewery, an IOT coffee machine, a gif based party game, 3D printed hydroponics system, and I am always looking for the next project. I am also a big foodie.