Adam Lawrence

Community Manager

What is your role at Karshare?

I'm here to engage with the communities of Birmingham about the benefits of car sharing with Karshare. It's all about sparking interest, having conversations and building relationships with potential owners and renters.

Other than car sharing, what is your favourite sharing idea?

The best way for sharing is to be open to all ideas and to think them through before dismissing them, that allows everyone to share with confidence and great ideas begin to flow. More practical tools o have used have been Miro boards in terms of collaboration on ideas and bringing them together and Mindomo, a mind mapping app, to link, analyse, present and share those ideas further.

Tell us something about yourself

I am a big sports fan and will pretty much watch any sport, I have been a fan of Aston Villa since I was a wee boy. I enjoy reading, mainly fantasy (Villa and fantasy, a little crossover there I think!) I also believe that we have all the tools and capabilities to live perfectly sustainable lives now but we need to shape them to the world we live in. I have a working background in customer service, asset management, sustainability and future mobility.