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Join Bristol's car sharing community

Make extra money from home, rent out your car and earn up to £550 per month. Full insurance provided.

Why rent your car?

Car Sharing is better for the environment (we need less cars) and supports people in the Bristol community who need a car. It is also a great way to make extra money from home.

In fact, you can earn up to £550 per month in passive income. Put your wheels to work by car sharing, sign up now.

Benefits of sharing your car:

  • Full insurance provided by Karshare.
  • Fully vetted renters.
  • Keyless tech makes sharing easy - no need to meet renters.
  • Earn extra money, make a passive income of up to £550 a month.
  • Control when your car is available to rent.

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Frequently asked questions

When your vehicle is rented, it is fully insured under Karshare’s policy. Your own insurance is not affected. For more information on our policy, please click here.

Should your vehicle be damaged during a rental Karshare will investigate and take care of organising any repair work required.

We ask that owners listing a vehicle maintain a comprehensive insurance policy on their vehicle at all times.

If you receive notice of a fine e.g. a speeding offence or parking ticket and it occurred during a Karshare booking, please get in touch and we will ensure it is taken care of. 

Karshare is committed to maintaining cleaning and hygiene standards for the Karshare community.

The very best sharing experience relies on vehicles being cleaned, sanitised and cleared of personal items by owners, and returned by renters in the same condition as collected.

For more information on our cleaning charter please click here.

Head to our Help Centre for more FAQs or get in touch!