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Our purpose

At Karshare, it is our purpose to power the move to net zero by making it easy to use a car without owning one, through community car sharing.

We want to halve the number of vehicles on the road by enabling privately owned vehicles to become shared vehicles and achieve a fundamental change in the way we think about transport.

We know that the most environmentally friendly way of getting around is walking, riding a bike, catching the bus or taking a train – but sometimes there are journeys where a car is simply necessary.

Through car sharing, we hope to give people the ability to make a positive difference even while using a car.

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Fewer cars

Car sharing is part of the sharing economy, which thrives on one core principle: to do more with less. Our service doesn’t require new or valuable resources to function or new assets to be created – instead, it takes advantage of what already exists.

In the UK right now, there are 38 million cars parked on our roads and driveways – and they sit idle a whopping 96% of the time. Car sharing can unlock this fleet of unused vehicles without adding more cars to our streets. In fact, for every 1 car shared, we can take 14 off the road.

With alternative transport options increasingly available, car ownership is becoming a choice, not a necessity.

When car sharing becomes a part of the local fabric, we can achieve a world where vehicles are shared in the same way we share our parks and playgrounds.

Newer cars

We see ourselves as an enabler, empowering communities to choose sustainable mobility whenever possible – including electric vehicles.

Lease and Share is a scheme designed to give people the experience of driving electric with the opportunity to earn money back.

This industry-first leasing agreement allows people to rent out their leased electric and hybrid vehicles – making them that more sustainable.


Lease an electric car
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Go electric

Find out more about renting or leasing an electric car through Karshare

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