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Welcome to Karshare’s Owner Hub, a one-stop-shop to help you maximise your rentals and make the most of your vehicle’s listing. Car sharing is the future of sustainable transport and we want to help you build your business whilst giving renters an affordable, convenient way to hire a car.

The Karshare platform is designed to showcase your vehicle to renters nearby, but you can grow your success by taking advantage of our helpful tips and tricks below.

Marketing tools for owners

Google My Business

Create your own business listing for your vehicle and increase exposure.

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Social Media

Share your vehicle with your network to reach more people.

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Great photos

Show off your vehicle in the best light possible with these tips and tricks.

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Car cleaning

A helpful guide to ensure that your vehicle is in the right condition to rent.

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What we do

The Karshare team works tirelessly to promote your car on the Karshare website and app, which have an increasing number of visitors every day, generated by our bespoke marketing and advertising efforts.

From press coverage to Google search optimisation to Instagram Shopping, we are constantly growing and evolving our activities to ensure that your vehicle is at the forefront of our messaging at all times.

what we do