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Social media marketing

Earn more by promoting your car on social media. Each car will have a unique link on our website, which makes it easy for you to share it with your own network. Think about places you can spread the word and reach more people - every little helps, remember to:

  • Be consistent: regular posts and updates about your car will ensure a consistent buzz 
  • Make it personal: stand out from the crowd by including a photo of yourself with your car or a recent rental experience that went well
  • Lean on your network: ask your friends and family to share or retweet your car’s profile
  • Tag us: include our Twitter handle @KarShare_UK in your posts to be retweeted by us!


Sample posts

You can use these sample posts as inspiration. Please include the link to your personal vehicle landing page within the post as well.



You can now rent my Vauxhall Corsa in Bristol using @KarShare_UK! It's super easy to book and the keyless tech means we can be Covid-safe and avoid a face-to-face handover. Please RT and share with anyone who might be interested! 

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I’ve signed up with @Karshare so anyone in Bristol can now rent my trusted  2017 Vauxhall Corsa! It’s super easy to book and I feel proud to do my bit to help reduce emissions in our city. Please spread the word to anyone who may be in need of a car!

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This is my trusty 2017 Vauxhall Corsa now available to rent on @karshare_uk! The best bit is that renting my car helps reduce emissions in Bristol by offering an alternative to traditional rental companies who buy more cars to put on the roads. Link in bio or DM me for more info! #carsharing #roadtrip

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I have recently started my own small business from home, renting out my 2017 Vauxhall Corsa on @Karshare! Every vehicle is installed with keyless technology, which means that the entire booking process is contactless and done through the app. If you’re looking for a car in the Southville area, you can rent mine here: