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Renting a car

All cars on the Karshare platform use our keyless technology KarshareGo. That means renters don't need to pick up any keys to access their booked vehicle – instead, the Karshare mobile app acts as the key to lock and unlock the car.

You can book a car on the Karshare website or mobile app. Once you have placed your booking, you will need to use the mobile app to begin your rental.

How to use the car share app to complete a rental
Find the rental car and start your rental

Locate your rental

Your booking confirmation email will include your car’s parked location.

15 minutes before the rental starts, you can also access a GPS location of the car through the Karshare App by viewing your booking and selecting “View on map.”


Start your rental

To start your rental, select your booking and press the "Start" button.

Starting your rental with our app
Completing a walk around

Complete a condition report

Once you have pressed "Start", the Karshare App will instruct you to take photos of the car to create a condition report.

You can do this by selecting "Begin walk around".

Verify your identity

Once the condition report is complete, you will be asked to verify your identity by taking a picture of yourself.

Verifying your identity
Checking the rental car's fuel and milage

Input fuel and mileage

Some cars will require you to input the fuel and mileage readings from your booked vehicle and take a photo of the dashboard demonstrating the corresponding figures.

If the fuel and mileage screen does not appear, you can skip this step.

Unlock the car

To unlock the car, press the “Unlock” symbol. The Karshare App will function as the key to the doors of your car throughout the rental booking.

If your car requires a key for the ignition, you will find this in the glove box. Please ensure the ignition key stays in the car at all times and do not use it to lock and unlock the car as an alternative to the app  as it will set off the car alarm.

If your car has a button to start and stop the engine, please use this. 

Unlock the car
Ending your rental

End your rental

Once you have returned your vehicle, you can end the rental by clicking the “End rental” button at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to complete a second condition report to verify that no damage has occurred during your rental.

After this, you will have 5 minutes to collect any belongings before the lock/unlock function stops working.

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