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Guaranteed earnings

  1. Karshare guarantees £250 net rental earnings per month for 3 months, up to a total of £750. Any earnings below that will be subsidised by Karshare: earnings are not capped, therefore rental income exceeding £250 per month will be paid out to vehicle owners.
  2. Please quote Karshare750 to the team at the time of onboarding.
  3. This offer is valid for vehicle owners signing up to join Karshare before 30 June 2021. 
  4. This offer is eligible for vehicles in London, Bristol, Manchester and Coventry.
  5. Vehicle owners signing up for this offer agree to make their vehicles available for a minimum of 15 days per month for the period of the guaranteed earnings offer.
  6. Owners agree to keep their vehicle on the Karshare platform for minimum 12 month period.
  7. This offer is valid from the date Karshare opens up for rentals (Coventry / London) or from when your car is listed on the Karshare site (Bristol / Manchester). 
  8. The £195 charge for the keyless box will be taken from rental earnings at a rate of 20% per month until the £195 cost has been recovered. Guaranteed earnings are calculated before this deduction is made.
  9. Guaranteed earnings are applied before any excess mileage or fuel payments are calculated.
  10.  Owners not fulfilling the above conditions will be required to pay back any earnings subsidised by Karshare. 
  11.  Karshare will exercise discretion regarding change of circumstances for owners (e.g. moving out of area)
  12.  Full terms and conditions apply click here.