Marketing tools for owners

Take great photos

Photography tips for owners

Make your vehicle stand out

Renters will be looking for a clear view of your car when selecting a vehicle so they can be well informed about the layout and specifications before making a decision.

Marketing your car in the right way can help you build your business and attract new renters. Car owners who go the extra mile to promote their vehicle on external platforms are more likely to see an increase in rentals than those who don't. Make the most of your vehicle with our handy marketing tools.


We require 4 pictures of your car:

3/4 front view


Side view


3/4 rear view


Interior view


Photography tips

Keep your car clean

Tidy the inside so you can show off your car at its best

Take pictures outside

Avoid garages or night time as light conditions can be too dark

Avoid reflection

Make sure you're not photographing a reflection of something you don't want others to see

Use a good camera

Pictures are your primary sales tool – make sure they aren't blurry or pixelated