Why share your car?

By renting out your car, you can help members of your community get to where they need to be. Car sharing also helps reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing the demand for more cars. With driver telematics to monitor all renter behaviour and contactless car collection, sharing your car has never been easier.


A second income

Earn up to £550 every month

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Keyless tech

No handover required, rent out your car from anywhere

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Safety first

Total peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance

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Full control

Set your own dates so you can decide when to share

You’re in safe hands


Our insurance partner, QBE, provides fully comprehensive insurance during the full rental period (pick up to drop off) with a replacement value of up to £50,000.


Driver telematics are a core security measure that track renter behaviour during each rental. With telematics, we can keep an eye on speed, acceleration, braking and the car’s location, so you can be confident your car is always being driven with care.


Our KarshareGo technology uses facial recognition to securely authenticate renters when unlocking your car. All renters go through a thorough licence and ID verification process before renting.

Fuel and mileage

Our KarshareGo technology records fuel and mileage levels so you can always know where you stand at the end of each rental. We use smart data to instantly credit your account in the event of over-mileage or under-fuelling by a renter.

Kudos credits

We like to reward safe driving, which is why we give Kudos credits to a renter when they achieve a good driving score. Karshare is the only car sharing platform that monitors renter behaviour and offers an incentive for driving responsibly.

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Driver telematics

KarshareGo monitors renter behaviour to encourage safer driving

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We keep an eye on acceleration and speed.


Smooth driving

Our telematics monitor braking and sharp turns.


Mobile use

We can track mobile phone usage.

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App unlock

Our secure keyless technology acts as a virtual car key

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Smart data

We record fuel and mileage levels, so you don't have to.

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Set your own mileage limits for renters.



We will instantly credit you if fuel is missing.

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Earnings calculator

How much could you earn?

Find out how much you can earn by renting out your car.

Vehicle price per day:


Days rented out per month


Your monthly earnings


After Karshare’s service and insurance fee of 30%. Earnings may differ due to the duration of bookings and when they take place.

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“If someone asked me if they should share their car, my answer would always be yes. It’s win-win, there are so many benefits to it.”

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How do owner referrals work?
Karshare will reward users and their friends when they invite others to join the platform. If you were sent a referral link to put your car on the platform, £100 will be added to your owner balance once your car is onboarded and ready to rent.
Please note that the £100 added to your Owner balance will be used to help pay off any outstanding negative balance. For instance, if you need to pay off the KarshareGo technology installation cost, your £100 reward can go towards paying that off.
Remember, your friend will also receive £100 once your car is ready!
Find out about renter referrals here.
When will I receive my rewards?
As soon as your car is officially on the platform and ready to rent, Karshare will add £100 to your Owner balance. The person who referred you will also receive their £100 reward at the same stage.
Please note that the £100 added to your owner balance will be used to help pay off any outstanding negative balance. If your owner balance is positive, we’ll send the £100 reward straight to your chosen payout method.
How many rewards can I earn?
The owner referral reward is only valid for each first vehicle you list on Karshare, but once you’ve joined us you can then start referring your friends! You can earn an unlimited amount of £100 rewards for every new car owner you bring onboard. Not only this, but if you refer renters you can earn an unlimited amount of £20 rewards too.
What are Karshare Credits?
Karshare Credits can be used to receive discounts on rental bookings. They’re applied automatically at the checkout and will reduce the total rental cost. Each Karshare Credit is worth £1 in discounts, so if you have 50 Karshare Credits, you will receive £50 off your next rental.
Renters can earn Karshare Credits by inviting friends and family to use Karshare through our referral scheme.
Please note that you cannot use a promo code at checkout on top of your Credits.