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Introducing Referrals | Dedicated To You

Hey Karsharers!

I'm so excited to (kar)share some good news with you, right at the beginning of the summer!

Our referrals feature is now live, which means:

💷 Great benefits for your family and friends, who come on board!

💰 Rewards for you as a Karshare member!

🌍 A greener planet!

🙌 More local community support!

So here's how it all works:

Once you have logged in to our application, check the "Invite friends" link in your Account section. 

Choose whether you want to invite a renter or an owner and just share the link with them, we'll take care of the rewards! 

I am a renter and I'd like to refer other renters

Once your friend signs up and books their first rental, you will get £20 in Karshare Credits. And that's not all → when signing up, your friend will also get £20 in Karshare Credits, that can be on their very first rental!

I am a renter and I'd like to refer an owner

Referring an owner gives you £50 in Karshare Credits! As soon as your friend onboards their vehicle to our platform, you will see the reward is your Karshare Credits section. Your friend also gets £50 added to their owner balance!

I am an owner and I'd like to refer a renter

As soon as your friend signs up and books their first rental, you'll get £20 in Karshare Credits! Your friend will also receive £20 Karshare Credits, which will immediately be added to their account. A great discount for their first rental, right?

I am an owner and I'd like to refer another owner

We add £50 to your owner balance when your friends onboard a vehicle to our platform. They will get £50 as well!

You can refer as many owners and renters as you like and you will keep gaining more rewards for every new person you bring on board! With the amazing weather forecast for the next days and our great new feature on the horizon, it already seems it is going to be a summer to remember!

Have more questions? Check Referrals and Karshare Credits in our Help Centre, or just drop me a line at

See you soon,


Vesela Dragusheva

Vesela is the Senior Product Manager at Karshare. She works in-between the tech, design and business teams, making sure they are all aligned and priorities are set right.

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