Kudos Credits

Rewarding better driving by giving Kudos Credits to great drivers for discounts on future rentals.

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How it works

Karshare generates a score based on driving behaviour and rewards renters with Kudos Credits depending on their score.


We keep an eye on acceleration and speed.

Smooth driving

We monitor braking and sharp turns.

Kudos Credit

After the rental ends your reward is calculated and issued

Your Credits

Your Kudos Credits are paid directly into your Karshare wallet 2 hours after your rental ends and will automatically be used to pay for your next rental.

Rental credits

Use credits to pay for your rentals


How can I earn Kudos Credits?
Any time you complete a rental with Karshare and achieve a good driving score, we give you kudos by automatically adding Karshare Credits to your account.
Kudos Credits are awarded 2 hours after the rental ends when you achieve an overall driving score of 70+, as well as a score of at least 60 for both your speed and smooth driving.
Our driver telematics help determine your overall driving score. This is based on your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering during a rental. Other factors are taken into consideration such as the duration of your driving (for fatigue), the use of your phone while driving (distraction) and the location of the car as you drive (urban vs suburban driving).
How are the reward amounts calculated?
The higher your driving score, the more Kudos Credits you’ll earn. We reward you with a percentage of your total booking fee based on your overall score after the rental is complete.
Given that you score at least 60 in speed and smooth driving, this is how rewards are calculated:
- Overall driver score of 70-80 earns you 1% of total booking fee
- Overall driver score of 81-90 earns you 1.5% of total booking fee
- Overall driver score of 91-100 earns you 2% of total booking fee
For example, if your booking total cost £130 and you achieve a score of 70, you would receive £1.30 in Karshare Credits 2 hours after rental ends.
How many Karshare Credits can I earn?
There is no limit to the amount of Karshare Credits you can earn through achieving Kudos Credits and referring friends. There is, however, an expiry date on Credits. Unused Karshare Credits will expire after 12 months from the date you earned the Credit. You can keep an eye on your Karshare Credits in your account section.
How do I use Karshare Credits?
Your Karshare Credits will be automatically applied at checkout the next time you make a rental booking - it’s as simple as that!
Are there other ways I can earn Karshare Credits?
Yes! We also run a referrals scheme, where you can earn £20 in Karshare Credits for referring someone who rents with us, or £100 in Karshare Credits if someone you refer puts their car on the platform.

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