Our keyless technology


The virtual key to your car

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Driver verification

Karshare verifies all renters by checking the driving licence and identity to ensure the renter is eligible to drive and meets the requirements.

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Facial recognition

KarshareGo uses facial recognition technology to securely authenticate renters when unlocking your car. Our leading technology also tracks every renter’s driving behaviour to ensure safe driving.

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App unlock

Our secure keyless technology acts as a virtual car key.

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Driver telematics

KarshareGo monitors renter behaviour to encourage safer driving.

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We keep an eye on acceleration and speed.


Smooth driving

Our telematics monitor braking and sharp turns.


Mobile use

See whether a renter is using their phone.

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Smart data

Our telematics also record fuel and mileage levels, so you don't have to.

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We can monitor mileage for each rental.



We will instantly credit you if fuel is missing.

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The installation process is managed by Karshare. Either a team member will collect the key or you can post it securely to the Karshare installation team. This is used to build the keyless module.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a second key, we can help you source one from a reputable company – 40% of our owners to date have used this service.

We then arrange an installation date, which is the final step ahead of being shared.

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We do not charge an upfront installation fee for the installation but take a 20% cut of your initial rental earnings until the balance has been paid. The total cost of the keyless technology is £195. A £105 charge applies when you de-install the technology from your vehicle if within the first 12 months.

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How much could you earn?

Find out how much you can earn by renting out your car.

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After Karshare’s service and insurance fee of 30%. Earnings may differ due to the duration of bookings and when they take place.

Renting your car

Why share your car?

By renting out your car, you can help members of your community get to where they need to be. Car sharing also helps reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing the demand for more cars. With driver telematics to monitor all renter behaviour and contactless car collection, sharing your car has never been easier.


A second income

Earn up to £550 every month

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Safety first

Total peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance

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Keyless tech

No handover required, rent out your car from anywhere

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Full control

Set your own dates so you can decide when to share

“To have an extra income revenue stream coming in via Karshare is absolutely brilliant. I certainly would recommend it.”

Tom Moore

Car owner


How does car sharing work?
Car sharing enables car owners to rent out their vehicles to drivers in the area. The entire renting process takes place through our mobile app. Owners have full control over when they want to share their car. Once a renter has selected a vehicle and verified their licence, they will pick up their car and start driving. The Karshare app will act as a virtual key to lock and unlock the vehicle, thanks to our KarshareGo technology.
How does insurance work?
When your car is rented, it is fully insured under Karshare’s comprehensive insurance policy, provided by QBE. Your own insurance is not affected. For more information on our policy, please click here.
Should your vehicle occur any damage during a rental, Karshare will immediately carry out an investigation and take care of organising any repair work required. If the damaged vehicle is undriveable and you don't have access to another car, a suitable courtesy car will be considered. We're unable to guarantee a specific make and model.
We ask that owners sharing their vehicle maintain a comprehensive insurance policy and up-to-date MOT on their vehicle at all times.
What happens if I receive a fine when I wasn’t driving?
If you receive notice of a fine (e.g. a speeding offence or parking ticket) and it occurred during a Karshare rental booking, please get in touch and we will ensure it is taken care of. You'll never be out of pocket for fines that occurred while you weren't the driver.
Do I have to keep my car clean and sanitised?
Karshare is committed to maintaining high cleaning and hygiene standards for the entire car sharing community. The very best sharing experience relies on each vehicle behind cleaned, sanitised and cleared of personal belongings by the car owner, and returned by renters in the same condition. Karshare will provide each car owner with a Covid-safe sanitisation kit which can be kept in the vehicle for use by both owner and renter.
How does fuel and mileage work?
Karshare operates a fair fuel policy to ensure that owners and renters are treated fairly. We record how much fuel is in the vehicle at the beginning and end of each rental. The renter is charged for any missing fuel if they do not return the vehicle at the same fuel level. If a renter returns the car with more fuel than they started with, we will refund them the difference. To ensure that there is enough fuel left for the next person, we ask renters that they do not return the car with less than a quarter of a tank.
All our vehicles have a daily mileage limit which is set by the owner. If a renter exceeds this limit, they will be charged an additional cost of £0.30 per mile, which is paid to the car owner via the rental earnings.

Put your car to work

Earn up to £650 a month by renting out your car whenever it's not in use