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The Karshare community scheme

Can you donate your car to a key worker so they can help more people? If you are a key worker and need transport to help more people, borrow a car from your community.

Donate your car to key workers

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought communities together in an extraordinary way and we at Karshare are proud to by helping by arranging vehicles for those people who, through the crisis, have been going above and beyond to support the vulnerable. 

Hundreds of health workers, care workers, food banks and other voluntary organisations have been mobilised to support essential services in our communities by people like you.

We are committed to continuing this support across the UK for as long as possible. The direct impact of Covid-19 may be receding however the ramifications on health and voluntary sectors will be felt for some time to come. 

If you have a car or van that is less than 15 years old and not currently being used, and you’d be prepared to put it to good use, we’d love to hear from you. Your vehicle will be fully insured by Karshare – there is no impact on your own insurance cover.

Your vehicle will be collected from you by the assigned key worker and returned to you after the donation period ends. We will follow a robust process to ensure your car returns clean and sanitised.

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Borrow a car

Are you an NHS, hospice, care home, community meal service or food bank worker/volunteer, and struggling with transportation? With the generosity of car owners and our partners, we’re mobilising cars that would otherwise be sitting idle and making them available to amazing people like you. In exchange for a vehicle, we are asking for a contribution of just £5 a day for insurance and the deep-cleaning of cars before their return to owners. Please let us know if we can help you. Enter your details via our booking system. Sign up now

Frequently Asked Questions

When your vehicle is rented it is fully insured under Karshare’s policy. Your own insurance is not affected. For more information on our policy please click here.

Should your vehicle be damaged during a rental Karshare will investigate and take care of organising any repair.

We do ask that owners listing a vehicle maintain a comprehensive insurance policy on their vehicle at all times.

If you receive notice of a fine e.g. a speeding offence or parking ticket and it occurred during a Karshare booking, please get in touch and we will ensure it is taken care of. 

Karshare is committed to maintaining cleaning and hygiene standards for the Karshare community.

The very best sharing experience relies on vehicles being cleaned, sanitised and cleared of personal items by owners, and returned by renters in the same condition as collected.

For more information on our cleaning charter please click here.

Karshare will fully insure you when driving a donated vehicle. We subsidise the cost of insurance for all our drivers - the cost to you will be £5 per day. 

A £750 excess is applicable in the event the vehicle is damaged during use.

To get started please click here.

Once you have signed up, we will get in touch with you.

Our operations staff are always on the look out for available cars. Once we have found an available car that matches your location we will be in touch to arrange the booking with you. 

To get started please click here.

Typically vehicles are being provided for 2-3 weeks at a time. Once signed up our Operations team will look to match you with a vehicle that best meets your needs. 

Should an owner require their vehicle back and you still need a vehicle then we will look to find a replacement vehicle for you.

To get started please click here

Head to our Help Centre for more FAQs or better still please get in touch!