Keeping your car clean

Cleaning guide

Maintaining cleaning and hygiene standards for the Karshare community.

Your commitment

The very best sharing experience relies on vehicles being cleaned, sanitised and cleared of personal items by owners, and returned by renters in the same condition as collected.


Vehicles must be cleaned inside and out according to the guidelines below.







Rubbish removed




All hard surfaces wiped down

Book a clean with Dropless a sustainable vehicle cleaning and preparation company

Book a clean

Clean the vehicle yourself or if you prefer we have negotiated a discount with Dropless, a leader in sustainable vehicle cleaning and preparation.

To book a clean and sanitisation create an account on, select a wash, book a cleaning slot, add in promo code KARSHARENEW at check-out and let Dropless come to you - total peace of mind.

For owners we recommend your vehicle is professionally cleaned once a month. As a renter if you are unable to get a vehicle cleaned at the end of the rental just let us know through the Karshare app at the end of the rental.

Visit Dropless

Karshare provides sanitisation kits to owners using KarshareGo.


Karshare is committed to keeping its community safe by providing sanitisation kits to owners using KarshareGo. This includes supplies of disposable gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser.

Owners need to ensure these items are replenished before and after each rental. Additional instructions will be provided when kits are handed over.

Main interior surfaces that need to be sanitised before and after a rental are shown above.

In practice any surface you have touched must be wiped. All exterior handles including theboot opener must also be wiped.

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