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Tolu Alonge

“The pandemic made travelling to work very stressful as I live 45 miles away from work.

When I read on my hospital internal communication about "discounted car scheme" I applied to two of the schemes. I used the car I got from the first company for 2 days and had to pay almost £100. When Karshare sent me a text that they found me a car for free, I couldn't believe it initially, I thought there may be hidden costs.

I asked loads of questions and Yana from Karshare was so professional. Martin the car owner was so friendly and gave very clear instructions about the car.

All through the time I had the car Karshare & Martin were very supportive making sure my drive to and from work was very smooth. Thank you so much for organising such assistance and doing it amazingly.

Everyone I contacted in Karshare has been so professional. I am immensely grateful for this privilege. Words fail me to express my appreciation. Who gives their car to total strangers?”


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