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Regan Shoffer

“I am a radiographer at Royal United Hospital in Bath. I live in Bristol, so a leisurely 25 minute drive away, which was taking me 1.5hrs on the bus or a £30 taxi. With unreliable and reduced bus times I was finding it hard to get to work, and I don't exactly have £60 to spare per shift. With the need for out of hours work increasing due to covid-19 numbers, it was nearing impossible to get to work and I was feeling quite unsafe. I searched everywhere for rental/ride service companies doing discounts for frontline workers, but most were only available in London. Karshare popped up and was really easy to use and super efficient, I got a car matched to me within a day of applying. The whole experience was positive and I am so grateful for my new wheels, and companies who are doing things like this to shed light and ease on what could be a difficult, negative time. Almost too good to be true!”​



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