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James Gardner

"THANK YOU KARSHARE!! I just wanted to say from both myself and my girlfriend thank you so much!!

We really appreciated the use of the car and it made our lives so much easier and lesd stressful during these testing times! This car has been used for: Commuting to and from work, particularly from night shifts when we are feeling a little weak and weary.. it was amazing for picking up my girlfriend after a particularly hard day when she was knackered and sparing her from having to use public transport, a cab or facing the long slog home in the rain without a coat!

This car helped us stay socially distant, in combination with walking we managed to avoid all public transport - and it helped us buy and pick up a bike so we are now both set for adapting to our new commute. Better access to leisure.. this car allowed us to distress and recharge our batteries, getting out in the country side and beach once allowed - and providing a vital lifeline to our families so we could support them with a friendly wave albeit from the bottom of the garden.

This car helped us move house and collect much of our new furniture.. we were living in a bit of a crazy area which was getting out of control and really struggling to sleep with shift work and all the chaos of our street - literally lockdown sent Old Market nuts! But thanks to this car we now live in a much nicer, and quieter area with much more green and closer to work.

This car also gave us the energy to pick up more shifts when staffing was difficult at work, and also allowed us to pick up shifts short notice by cutting down commuting and time spent shopping etc. I can’t remember who its was that I picked the car up off but could you pass on that he was brilliant - very friendly and kind.

We really REALLY appreciate this car, its helped us get set up for a new more sustainable way of living and helped us support our community - With kind regards and thanks."


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