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Alexander Ogunbayi

"I would like to say a big thank you to the Karshare team. I work in the A&E and getting to work most times can be tricky for me being that there are no direct bus or train routes. I found out about Karshare on the Trust's website and applied. Completed all the paper work and the response time through all this was remarkable and quick. The team was very professional and polite. I received a call a few days later from Coral at Karshare that they had found a car donated that I could use. I was still a bit too shocked that the service was totally free. Coral went on to explain how the service works and answered all my questions. They provided safety guidelines for both collection and return of the vehicle. The collection and return process was safe and the donor was very nice to explain everything I needed to know about the vehicle. I want to say that having Karshare make this possible made things easier for me especially after 12 hour day/night shifts. Thank you Karshare and thanks to all the amazing people who donated their cars to support key workers. God bless you all."


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