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Alex Pritchard

"We have a team of 8 volunteer drivers who are reaching all areas of Brighton and Hove - this wouldn't have been possible without the use of vehicles from Karshare. Personally I have done over 100 deliveries in this car alone. As demand increases we are regularly running low on supplies for the parcels, today we were able to use the car to go to our local supermarket (see attached photos), this would have required multiple journeys without the use of a big car."

"As of 13th April, we have sent out 476 parcels, that's 258 households feeding 390 adults and 188 children. Some families have now been supported by us for 4 weeks. All of the people we are helping are either unemployed 52.1%, on a low income 24%, unable to work due to ill health or disability 13.9% or retired (on pensions credit)10%. Many referrals we are receiving are stating they have recently lost their job or unable to work as a direct result of the pandemic."



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