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Case study: How Hilary turned her Citroen into a community car

Hilary is a Royal Mail postal worker living in St Pauls, Bristol. She has been renting out her Citroen Berlingo to members of her community with the help of Karshare. Hilary describes her vehicle as “neither a van nor a car” – a perfectly sized 5-seater that has been a handy mode of transport for her three children and her dog, Bruce. When she first got it, she envisioned herself “packing up the bikes and the family and going for weekends away” but since Covid, her plans have changed. “I don’t use my car for commuting", she told Karshare. "I cycle or walk instead, I get ASDA deliveries so I don’t need to go to the shops and I wouldn’t dream of using my car to drive into town. If I was faced with the choice today, I probably wouldn’t have bought a car – I would just rent one instead.”

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