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How Sahamat paid off his new monthly car payment in a week

Buying a new car outright with cash, a loan or on hire purchase is a luxury that few can afford. On top of that, with the price of used cars soaring by 30-40% in the last two years, it’s not the best time to be buying a used car either. This is why Sahamat decided to join Karshare’s innovative Lease and Share scheme. “I wanted a no deposit monthly payment plan and after doing a bit of research I decided that the best way to do it was by a lease. “I definitely would recommend Karshare to people because it makes so much sense. I found the fact that Karshare does its own Lease and Share scheme and has a partnership with Leasys reassuring and safe, because with a lot of leasing companies on PCH as it’s not your own car you might not be allowed to rent it out.”

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