World Economic Forum names car sharing as key action to help save the planet

From Angela Merkel to Xi Jinping to Greta Thunberg, global leaders from around the world gathered together virtually at the end of January to examine the principles, policies and partnerships needed to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and embark on creating a more inclusive and sustainable future in 2021. Hosted by the World Economic Forum, this Davos Agenda focused on 7 key themes: Fairer Economies, Tech for Good, Society & Future of Work, Better Business, Healthy Futures, Beyond Geopolitics and finally, How to Save the Planet.

The latter theme focused on systems and policies that can be implemented to ensure countries can reduce their CO2 emissions as they emerge from the pandemic. The head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said, “Covid-19 has presented us with a unique opportunity for a green and inclusive recovery that will make the world a better place for everyone.”

To spearhead this change, the OECD published a list of 25 recommended steps to help us towards a green inclusive recovery, shared by the World Economic Forum as part of the Davos Agenda. From encouraging sustainable building within urban planning to phasing out the use of coal to helping consumers reduce food waste, each step focuses on one of 5 key emitting economic sectors.

Under ‘Transport’, the OECD and WEF recommended to “make the best use of existing transport capacity through measures like car sharing and smart logistics to improve freight efficiency.”

At Karshare, we know that car sharing can help cities drastically reduce their carbon emissions by empowering car owners to share their assets and car renters to opt for more sustainable alternatives to traditional car rental. In the UK there are 35 million cars parked on our roads and driveways, which are used, on average, a meagre 4% of the time. Car sharing can unlock this unused fleet: a 2% switch to car sharing alone could see a drop in 620,000 tonnes of CO2.

To read the full report by the World Economic Forum, click here.

We look forward to supporting more cities in their implementation of community car sharing systems to work together and build a more sustainable, shared future.