What happens when you combine car subscriptions with car sharing?

This blog post was brought to you by our friends at elmo.

elmo & Karshare are now offering customers the easiest way to try an electric car through subscriptions, an extension of Karshare's pioneering Lease and Share scheme.


There’s tonnes of exciting innovation going on in the world of ‘mobility’ right now. Never before have people had more choice and flexibility when it comes to how they get around.  Car subscriptions and car sharing are leading this revolution; both offer a new, smarter way to ‘access’ rather than own a car to the growing segments of customers who want flexibility in how they drive.

Alongside this, electric cars are growing in popularity thanks to their environmental and running cost advantages, as well as performance benefits. The question ‘How can I switch to an electric car?’ is now front-of-mind for car drivers.

Car subscriptions and car sharing both offer an easy route for people looking to try an electric car - or ‘EV’ - for the first time.

The difference between car subscription and car sharing

Where the two models differ is in how long the customer needs the car...

A car subscription is similar to a traditional lease, but without the deposit and longer contractual commitment. The idea is that the car is still yours, but you can stop using it if and when you no longer need it. A good car subscription package usually includes insurance, maintenance, breakdown and other services in the monthly price to make the experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Car sharing is similar to a traditional rental except it takes advantage of cars that are already in existence. Car sharing is ideal for customers looking to use a car for a day or long weekend, but know that the majority of the time, they don’t need one and don’t want to be paying for one to sit unused, except for occasional weekends away or a trip to the shops.

Combining car subscription and car sharing

Both options cater to their own type of customer, but what if customers paying for a monthly subscription package could earn money off their subscription by sharing it on days when they don’t use it?

Well, Karshare and elmo have teamed up to offer just that. Now, when you subscribe to an electric car on elmo and enter Karshare's discount code (KARSHARE50), you'll be able to share that car with your local community and earn money when you're not using it. (You’ll get £50 off your booking too!).

This means the cost of running the car is reduced for you; and you'll be helping others in your community to benefit from driving an electric car.

You can find more info about our “Subscribe & Share” scheme on the Karshare website here and on the elmo website here.

A bit more about elmo

At elmo, we’re on a mission to make switching to an electric car as simple as possible. We kicked that journey off with our all-inclusive and Net Zero electric car subscription platform. And now joining forces with the fantastic team at Karshare will enable us to help even more people start their electric car journey!

On our platform you can book an electric car in 5 minutes, all online. There’s no deposit to pay and you can choose your level of commitment. The advertised price includes the electric car, comprehensive insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and even a carbon offset donation (to account for emissions produced when the cars were built).

You can then choose to include a home charge point, a home energy package and public charging access to suit your needs. In other words, you can include everything you need to run your car in the single payment you make to us each month.

There’s lots more info on our website, but we’re always keen to chat too. Get in touch on hello@elmodrive.com or 020 3488 4500.

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