What do you need to rent a car in the UK?

Karshare is changing the way we access and rent cars. Forget the long queues at the kiosk, the restricted pick up and drop off times and the clunky key handovers. You can instantly book and rent hundreds of cars being shared using the Karshare app. As long as you meet our renter requirements, you’re good to go!

What do you need to rent a car from Karshare?

- Valid driver's licence
- Debit or credit card
- Smartphone

On the day of your rental all you need is:

- Smartphone (with Karshare app installed)
- Your face (for ID verification)

Read on to see a breakdown of everything you need in order to rent a car with Karshare.

Valid driver’s licence

As with any car journey, it's best to carry your driver’s licence with you just incase. It's important to verify your driver’s licence within the Karshare app before a rental by taking a direct photo of your licence.

Payment method

When you book a rental, your payment method provided will be linked to your account, so there’s no requirement to bring along a debit or credit card with you on the day. You can easily update your payment details within account settings whenever you'd like. We’ll take a holding deposit 48 hours before your rental begins from the chosen payment method.

Smartphone with Karshare app

This is where the magic happens. All rentals take place using the Karshare app, so there's no need to meet face-to-face for a key handover. You won’t be able to unlock the car without logging into the Karshare app on your phone - so remember to charge up your phone or bring along a charging cable with you! If you haven’t already, you can download the Karshare app on the iOS App Store here or Google Play here.

Your face (for ID verification)

Once you’ve started the rental, the app will ask for live photo facial verification to confirm that it’s you. This means you don’t need to bring along any forms of identification along with you on the day - your face is the key to unlocking the car.

Can I rent a car if I’m visiting the UK or have a non UK licence?

Yes, we accept many international driving licences (see full list here). The only difference is that you’ll be asked to provide a couple of additional forms of identification beforehand to get your licence verified in the app.

EU licences require: Proof of address
Non EU licences require
: Proof of address and International Driving Licence Permit

However, on the day you'll still only need your phone and your smile to access the car!

How can I rent a car?

Have a browse of nearby cars here and once you’ve found the car for you, simply follow the steps to checkout.