What are driver telematics and how do they work?

Driver telematics are a key ingredient in Karshare’s vision for a more sustainable, shared future. Inbuilt within our KarshareGo technology, they are a core component of our security measures and a helpful tool in ensuring our insurance costs can stay as low as possible.

KarshareGo is our keyless technology which is installed in every car on our platform. It’s a small black module attached to the OBD-II port (on-board diagnostics), which allows renters to securely unlock their chosen car through the Karshare app using facial recognition. This ensures that there is no need for a face-to-face key swap between owner and renter as the renter’s phone effectively becomes the car key, connected to the module within the vehicle. By guaranteeing that every vehicle is equipped with KarshareGo, renters can instantly book a car nearby and be on their way in minutes.

But there’s more than that.

KarshareGo includes driver telematics technology which tracks renter behaviour during each rental. It keeps an eye on speed, acceleration, braking and the car’s location and determines a driving score for each renter which is relayed throughout the journey with helpful coaching tips. Scores can go up to 100 so renters are encouraged to improve their score during each booking by adhering to the speed limit, accelerating and braking smoothly and not being on their phone while driving.

The benefits are two-fold as telematics protect both the renter and the owner. On the renter’s side, it encourages safe driving and keeps tabs on the car’s movements so there’s a play-by-play of events should an accident occur. It also means we can keep our insurance fees as low as possible since this risk management approach enables our insurance company QBE to insure with confidence.

Owners, on the other hand, can have peace of mind knowing their vehicle is being driven with care and that the Karshare team is on standby at all times in case of emergencies. The KarshareGo technology also records mileage and fuel levels so owners know exactly where they stand once the car has been returned. Using this smart data, the Karshare team can instantly credit an owner’s account in the event of over-mileage or under-fuelling at the end of a rental.

Driver telematics are automatically processed during each rental booking. To rent a car through Karshare, click here.