Tips for a Sustainable UK Staycation

Staycations are cheaper, greener, and easier to organise than the typical escape to the sun, and with all the great destinations the UK has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many Britons are planning breaks closer to home this summer.

If you’ve settled on a staycation this year, and you want to make sure your trip stays as eco-friendly as possible, there are many ways to minimise your environmental impact as you set off to make memories. 

Here are four tips for a sustainable UK staycation: 

Find Eco-Friendly Accommodation

The accommodation you use is just a means to an end, but it’s important not to let this consideration fall by the wayside when you’re trying to make your staycation as green as possible.

If you don’t do your due diligence when you’re looking at accommodation options, you could wind up supporting a hotel with markedly unsustainable practices and undermining your aim to make this trip a green one.

Locally-owned BnBs that use local suppliers tend to be the sustainable option as far as conventional holiday accommodation goes, but if you want to try something different and get closer to nature, you might want to consider glamping in a yurt, teepee, or eco pod. If you don’t own a tent yourself, you can easily rent a tent from Tentshare - another sustainable win! 

Travel Greener

One of the biggest ways you can make your trip more sustainable comes in the way you actually reach your destination. You’ve already cut out your flight, but driving long distances can increase the carbon footprint of your trip and undermine your efforts to make your staycation more sustainable.

Our first recommendation is to look for destinations that are close to home, as this will minimise the environmental impact of travelling regardless of the mode of transport you use. For adventures further afield, try to rely on travelling by train, which is not only greener than driving but a great way to take in some of the nation’s natural beauty.

For day trips, consider renting bikes, or if that isn’t practical, use Karshare to rent a car and help us in our mission of taking unnecessary petrol vehicles off the road. You can even combine modes of transport and arrive close to your destination by train, then rent an electric car from someone in the area using Karshare for that final leg of the journey.

Take a Hike!

One of the best things about holidays in the UK is that many of our urban centres are relatively small compared to other countries. You could throw a dart at a map of Britain, and odds are it’s going to land near a large stretch of stunning natural beauty.

Whether it’s the South Downs or Ben Vrackie, planning some hikes on your UK staycation is a great way to make your trip more active, cheap, and sustainable. Not only does it mean you won’t need to use a car, but you’ll also have a positive impact on the carbon footprints of local businesses by giving the shops, restaurants, and bars a rest.

As a bonus, getting out in nature is also a chance to take some great snaps and remind everyone how beautiful and important our world is.

Be a Conscious Consumer

Holiday shopping is lots of fun even when you’re not going abroad, but we all know that irresponsible consumerism can have a seriously detrimental impact on the planet.

On this trip, make a point of being a little more environmentally conscious in your shopping, by:

  • Supporting brands that make a commitment to sustainability.
  • Knowing and avoiding fast fashion clothing labels - keep an eye out for second hand shops instead.
  • Use reusable or sustainable packaging and bags.
  • Find products with long lifespans or ones that can be upcycled.

Staycations are meant to be relaxing, so you might not feel great about going on your shopping trip with a set of rules to follow. However, when you think of the positive impact you’ve had, you’ll feel much better for it!

Discover Karshare

Wherever you go, we hope you have a wonderful time on your sustainable UK staycation!

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