The Karshare installation process

Karshare’s technology has revolutionised peer to peer car sharing. For renters, Karshare is a convenient way to instantly book and access nearby cars - no more queues at collection counters or picking up cars at inconvenient times. For you as an owner, you don't need to be there to meet renters, so we’ve taken the major hassle out of sharing your car. Our keyless technology (KarshareGo) transforms the renter's phone into a car key, so there’s no need for a physical key handover! But how does your car work with this magic? Today we’re running through the installation process so you can know what to expect when putting your car on the Karshare platform.

Keyless technology (KarshareGo)

To share your car, we’ll fit it with our KarshareGo technology. This is a small black box which is installed in every vehicle on our platform and acts as a virtual key. This secure technology allows approved renters to book, locate and safely unlock your car using the Karshare app for a hassle-free, contactless rental. KarshareGo also adds an extra layer of security as we use driver telematics to monitor renter behaviour to encourage safer driving.

The installation process

The team at Karshare will take care of your installation for you, we just need to agree convenient times with you to collect your key and install the box. Once we’ve collected your spare key, we’ll either send this to a key technician or we’ll build the keyless module ourselves on site in our mobile workshop. Don’t worry if you don’t have a second key, we can easily help you source one! Our specialist technician will then install the box and test it to make sure it works with the Karshare app and your main key. The box is hidden away and doesn’t affect how you use your car at all. The install only takes 30-45 mins, and once done we need just 30 mins of your time to walk you through the app and show you how you set your price and availability - all at a touch of a button. Once everything is set up, we’ll be on our way.

“The time from signing up, to getting our car fitted was very fast and it was really smooth. I was worried at first about how the car might be affected by having the box put inside of it, but you don’t notice it’s there at all.” Ant and Beth, Bristol.


The great thing is, there are no upfront costs to pay for the installation. Instead, you contribute 20% of your rental earnings each time until the installation fee (£195) has been paid off. The process is completely reversible, but there’s a £105 de-installation fee if you choose to leave the Karshare platform within the first 12 months.

That’s it! If you’re ready to share your car and start making additional income, book a call with a Karshare expert today or check your car’s eligibility here.