Sustainable transport

What is sustainable transport?

Sustainable transport is a mode of travel that has minimum effect on the environment and the climate.

Why is sustainable transport important?

Sustainable transport is important because of the huge impacts that transport systems have on our climate and environment:

- Transport is responsible for 33% of final energy consumption.

- 89% of global CO2 emissions come from fossil fuels and industry.

- Cars, vans, trucks and buses produce more than 70% of the overall greenhouse gas emissions from transport. The remainder comes mainly from shipping and aviation.

Transport is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases and therefore climate change. As more sustainable modes of transport are introduced and people's behaviour towards transport is shifting, there's room for the impact of transport on the climate to be greatly reduced.

What are the best ways to make transport sustainable?

Car sharing

As mentioned above, cars and vans do produce a big portion of the overall greenhouse gas emissions. We understand that it’s not realistic for society to completely stop using vehicles. However, car sharing is an effective and efficient way to use vehicles while minimising the negative impact on the environment and climate. There are environmental and climate impacts per unit that come with producing a new vehicle, which is why it's better for the environment to share existing cars before buying new ones. The OECD have highlighted priority measures that need to be taken to deliver a green and inclusive recovery for the planet, stating that we need to ‘make the best use of existing transport capacity through car sharing’.

Green vehicles

Green vehicles produce less harmful effects on the environment than conventional vehicles that run on petrol or diesel, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Although buying a green vehicle is better than buying a petrol or diesel one, producing a new car is still very carbon intensive and keeping your existing car on the road can actually be more efficient than buying a new electric vehicle.

Walk and cycle more!

Having easy access to vehicle transportation has meant we often use it more frequently than we actually need to. A simple lifestyle change to embracing more active travel modes of transport (such as walking, cycling, skating, scooting etc) is not only healthy for your mind and body, but is also good for the environment. We're regularly seeing Karshare owners who share their car and reported that they’ve chosen to walk and cycle more while their car is on a rental, which is yet another benefit of car sharing.

Tips: Sustainable car rental, car sharing and car ownership

- If walking or cycling isn't an option for your trip, then consider sustainable car rental through a car sharing platform.

- If you're unable to be without a car, then why not consider sharing your car while it’s not in use to help protect the environment.

- If you are thinking of becoming a new car owner then consider leasing a sustainable car and sharing it.