Sharing the love: Team Karshare reveal their favourite sharing ideas

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we wanted to shout about one thing we all love here at Karshare: sharing!

By making better use of resources and redistributing assets across various sectors, the sharing economy is redefining the notion of ownership. To build a more sustainable world, we know we have to become increasingly generous with our concept of sharing – from homes to cars to workspaces to household items. Through sharing, we can achieve more with less.

We asked some of the Karshare team to tell us about their favourite sharing ideas – besides car sharing, of course!

Andy, CEO & Founder: Home sharing, pioneered by Airbnb, is one of my favourite sharing ideas. The concept of people sharing their homes with others has both ignited and revolutionised the sharing economy, and encouraged many businesses to further explore this industry.

Katie, Chief Brand Officer: There are two sharing concepts I love – the Library of Things lets you borrow anything from a bread maker to a hedge trimmer, encouraging people to share rather than consume, and the Olio app! I love posting random small things and finding people who would like it. I have been using it for non-food household items and it feels great to share while embracing zero waste.

Robin, Chief Technical Officer: I love JustPark. It’s a great way to benefit from under-utilised parking spaces.

Coral, Gatwick Operations Manager: Borrow My Doggy! This is a platform for people who love dogs but can’t own one to still have the ability to spend time around them. For dog owners, it means they know their dog is taken for lovely long walks and shown some love and fuss whilst they are working long hours or running around after small children.

Mel, Performance Marketing Manager: I agree with Coral! I’m mad about animals and love the concept of pet sharing. I believe this is great for their social development and also allows people who can't have their own pets to enjoy the company of someone else's.

Rich, Chief Product Officer: I’m a big fan of skill sharing, especially in the product and technology sector. It's very hard for a single person to possess all the skills needed to launch a product or service on their own so sharing skills makes sense.

Vessy, Senior Product Manager: My favourite sharing idea is… actually sharing ideas! I love organising and participating in workshops for novelty solutions and disruptive ideas.

Caroline, Creative Digital Marketing Strategist: I'm a little bit obsessed with house plants so I love the idea of sharing plant cuttings with friends for propagation so everyone can grow their own new plants at home. This has been especially useful while plant shops are closed because it still gives people an opportunity to brighten up their work spaces. Facebook Marketplace is a great resource for anyone looking for nearby seedlings or cuttings.

Sam, Engineer and Cloud Architect: I became a member of a P2P brewing company a few years ago where you share brewing equipment to make your own beer. I love how the sharing economy has allowed people to share cars, offices, houses, equipment, clothes and more with new people, where they previously would have only had this level of trust with their friends. Now your network of "friends of friends" can be anyone – it's a very exciting time.

Charlie, Community and Product Manager: Food sharing – there is so much food waste in the world and there are a few apps like Too Good To Go out there that allow neighbours, restaurants, etc. to share the excess food they have so it does not go to waste or in the bin.

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