Kudos Credits: Discounts for great drivers

Introducing Kudos Credits...

Karshare knows the importance of giving kudos when someone’s achieved something great. It’s a value that we apply internally across the company as well as on our socials - we run a #KarshareKudos series that highlights organisations, people and brands that are making a positive environmental change. So why not apply it to our customers too?

This is where Kudos Credits come in. We now reward those who rent cars on Karshare and drive responsibly throughout the rental. Karshare is the only car sharing platform that monitors renter behaviour and offers an incentive for safe driving.

How do Kudos Credits work?

Every vehicle you see on Karshare has KarshareGo installed. This is our keyless technology which enables all rentals to take place through the app. However, it also monitors driving behaviour and assigns a score to the driver after their rental has ended.

If someone achieves an overall driving score of above 70, as well as scoring 60+ in both the speed and smooth driving categories, they’ll earn Kudos Credits. These are automatically added to their account and can be used as a discount on their next rental.

How do I get a good driving score?

The overall score is based on the driver’s speed, acceleration, braking and cornering during a rental. Other factors are taken into consideration such as the duration of driving (for fatigue), the use of a phone while driving (distraction) and the location of the car (urban vs suburban driving).

How are Kudos Credits calculated?

The higher your driving score, the more Kudos Credits you’ll earn. We reward you with a percentage of your total booking fee based on your overall score after the rental is complete.

Given that you score at least 60 in speed and smooth driving, this is how rewards are calculated:

  • Overall driver score of 70-80 earns you 1% of total booking fee
  • Overall driver score of 81-90 earns you 1.5% of total booking fee
  • Overall driver score of 91-100 earns you 2% of total booking fee

If you rent with Karshare once a month over the course of the year, you would earn £32 worth of rental discounts in Kudos Credits (calculated on the cost of an average 2 day rental).

Why does Karshare reward Kudos Credits?

Karshare is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform, meaning the cars that are available to rent are all privately owned by individuals in your community. This is why we incentivise responsible driving - to encourage respectful behaviour among the trusted renters of Karshare and reward those who drive safely.

If you’re keen to find out more about Kudos Credits, head to our dedicated page here.

If you want to start earning Kudos Credits for yourself, go ahead and book a rental today!