Moving house? Rent a van to save time and money

When moving house, there are many factors that can cause stress and make the whole process more complicated than it needs to be. The main task at hand is getting all your belongings from A to B, which can sometimes be the most painful and expensive part.

Renting a large car or a van from your community can help you save valuable time and money while you move house - plus, it’s better for the environment than renting through traditional car hire companies. Here's how Karshare can help when you’re moving house:

Save time on moving day

If you own a smaller car and use that to transport all your belongings, the multiple trips back and forth can take a considerable chunk out of your day! Renting a car or van from your community means you can rent a vehicle bigger than your own for the day, reducing the number of trips you need to take. Not only this, but with cars and vans dotted across your city, you’re never too far away from an instantly bookable vehicle, saving you time on travelling to the vehicle. Better yet, if you’re running behind schedule, you can go and pick the car up at whatever time suits you as there’s no key handover required.

“I looked at hiring a van for the day and it was £180, so after some googling I found Karshare and they offered me something similar for around £50 only 20 minutes from my house. Super easy to sign up, all app based and instant. Would strongly recommend to anyone who needs something quickly and cost effectively.” - Sam, Trustpilot

The big move doesn’t have to be a big cost

Renting a vehicle to move house can be very costly, especially if you’re looking to rent a van. In comparison to traditional van hire, you can rent vans out for incredibly affordable fees - as low as £5 per hour in fact!

“I looked into Karshare as a moving van had fallen through. It honestly was a great experience- the price is incredible and there aren’t any catches. We hired for 5 hours and it was £35!- Ailsa, Trustpilot
I needed to rent a van to move on the weekend and with all van rentals costing £180+ I needed an alternative. For 1/3 of the price I rented a van for 24 hours, picked it up at my convenience and when I needed help on a Saturday afternoon customer service were helpful and friendly. - Customer, Trustpilot

Better for the environment

Last but by no means least, when you rent with Karshare you can rent with peace of mind knowing that you’re making use of cars and vans that already exist on our roads. Karshare is the only 100% community-led car sharing platform, meaning we don’t add our own fleet of vehicles to the platform. It’s also nice to know that when you’re renting a vehicle, the money is retained within your local community and the owner is directly benefiting too!

Rent a car or van near you

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