Ready to say goodbye to your car? Hear from those who are happy not owning one!

Karshare’s vision is to create a world where we never have more cars than we need. This is why we’re advocates for Car Free Day, a day on 22nd September that encourages people to go car free and a day that helps raise awareness of the wider importance of reducing car usage. Car sharing can enable you to give up ownership of a car and choose to rent one from your neighbours as and when you need instead.

We took some time to chat to people who have decided to either get rid of their car, or have never owned a car themselves and their reasons for this.

“I used to own a vehicle, but I got rid of it as I hardly drove it in London. This means I don’t own a vehicle at the moment, but when I need to rent one I come to Karshare. I find it easier to rent cars from Karshare because it’s accessible, quicker and is the best out of the rental companies that I’ve come across. I rent it for special occasions like doing something with my girlfriend, or driving out of London for day trips. It’s always used for leisure and never for work, because I use the train to commute.” - Newman

Cuts out the costs of owning a car

Not only is it better for the environment for everyone to not own a car, but it’s also a significant way to cut out the costs that come with owning a car. In a recent survey conducted by Karshare, 67% of respondents who didn’t own a car said that the main reason for this was because of the costs associated with it.

“I’ve been without a car for 4 years and I got rid of my vehicle because I was working Monday - Friday and there was no time for me to drive the car. It was sitting there, but I was still paying for insurance, parking and fuel, so I made the decision to get rid of it and go on using more public transport. When I do need a vehicle for a day, I just book out a car on Karshare, then there’s no responsibility for me to look after the vehicle or maintain it - it just goes back to the owner. With the cost of living and everything, the cost of maintaining a vehicle is not a cost I want when it’s not necessary.” - Namul

“Karshare has really helped me to go on some last-minute adventures and holidays without relying on public transport. Living in London I can’t afford a car myself, so Karshare is perfect for travelling to those slightly more rural areas!” - Holly

Unnecessary use for short trips

Mohamed realised that it wasn’t just the actual costs of owning a car, but the lifestyle and behaviours that come with car ownership were also adding unnecessary expenses. “Whenever I used to have a car, I would go out my house and drive wherever I liked, go out for food or something and spend £50 - £100 a day easily. Now I don’t have a car, it doesn’t make me want to go out easily and take those short trips. Most of us use cars for short journeys, but public transport is accessible everywhere in London so you don’t necessarily need it for a day-to-day basis.” - Mohamed

As a car owner sharing her car, Lauren has noticed that her use of the car for short trips has definitely reduced since sharing. “Car sharing has encouraged me to think about those shorter journeys, where I might’ve just jumped in the car, I’m actually getting on my bike more!” - Lauren

Easily unlock cars nearby

Giving up a car can be intimidating - it’s comforting to know you have access to a car if you need it last minute or to get somewhere quickly. But giving up a car doesn’t mean that you need to give up having easy access to a car! This is why it’s reassuring to know that there are cars in your area available to rent whenever you need quick and easy access to one.

“It’s easy, quick and fuss free to rent any car with Karshare. The car that I've been using is very local to me, so picking up and dropping it off is not a problem.” - Sneeta

“After selling my car, I just hire one on Karshare if I need to go shopping, take my family for appointments, important things like that you know. Some of the car locations are really convenient - I live in one street and two streets away there’s a car, so I can just walk there in 5 minutes. Before I used Karshare, I used to hire a car from the airport - it was a really long process; bringing letters, proof of address, this, that, all that headache, whereas with Karshare it’s just easy. You don’t see anyone, you do it all online and then go to unlock the car straight away.” - Mumin

"Karshare has been brilliant in helping me avoid buying a new car. I've recently started a new job at the other end of the country, and have to intermittently drive up. I don't need a car all the time, but when I do Karshare always has loads of good options within a mile of my house, and at a very reasonable price." - Ben

Ready to go car free?

So if you’re considering getting rid of your car after being inspired by going car free on Car Free Day, then be sure to browse nearby cars available to rent on Karshare. Or if you want to keep your car but recognise that you’re not using it enough, then list it on the Karshare platform and be the reason why others are able to go car free!