Our roadmap to spring

Hey there,

Spring is finally here to remind us of new beginnings! I hope you are all enjoying the warming weather and the blossoming trees outside. What better season to hit the roads and go on an adventure? With life gradually opening back up again, there are so many opportunities out there!

To honour the spirit of spring, I present to you (*drumroll*) the Karshare roadmap! This is our perpetual Work In Progress space, where you can find evolving, valuable information about our platform and where we are headed. It's our way of showing you what we're working on so you can be a part of the evolution of Karshare, every step of the way. Let me walk you through it (it's a roadmap, after all)...

In the section 'Parked up' you can find all the new features and improvements that are in our pipeline. Most of them are user-requested or identified by our team as important. We will soon start working on them and want to give you a chance to have your say! Here you can suggest a new feature, share your feedback or just let us know that you're upvoting a feature you'd like to see sooner. You will always find the feedback link (conveniently located) at the top of the roadmap.

Under 'Production line' you will find what we're currently building. This is what keeps our Tech, Testing, Product and Ops teams busy every day, so you can soon experience these new features and improvements on the best car sharing platform in the UK!

And last but not least is our 'On the road column', where you can check what we have recently released. Open each block to find out more about the feature, how you can benefit from it and where in our platform it is located. If you have any questions or comments about any of these, please drop me a line at vesela@karshare.com.

It goes without saying (but let's write it anyway 🙂) that the roadmap will be constantly updated and we will release more blog posts like this one to let you know what's new – so whilst you're enjoying the ever-changing nature outside, make sure to keep an eye on this space as well.

See you soon,