New features for our car owners

Howdy, Karshare owners!

Whilst we are working hard on delivering some of the amazing new features on our platform (yes, Referrals are coming very soon!), let me share with you a couple of great improvements we have recently made for you, our car owners. They have not made it to our public roadmap, but are still so beneficial that we decided to shout about them!

Rental extension policy

We have recently updated our rental extension policy to be more beneficial to our owners – and the implementation is live! Now, anytime a rental is extended by a renter, our calculations for owner earnings will be based on the extended amount of time of the rental, instead of the total amount of time. As a result, owner earnings will be higher! 💰

Vehicle return location

You asked, we delivered! Here's what we came up with for vehicle returns: your vehicle's return location will now be conveniently shown in the email you receive at the end of each rental. You will no longer need to go to the Karshare app to check, it will be right there in your inbox so you you can always find your vehicle straight away! 📨

Want to see more improvements like this on our platform? Don't hesitate to send your feedback and ideas. We are here to listen! 📢

See you soon,