Karshare's look back at 2022

Karshare’s look back at 2022

What a year it’s been, not only for Karshare, but for car sharing overall. There’s a continued rise in conversation around car sharing and we’re super excited to help power the move to net zero by offering a platform making it easy for users to share cars. We’ve rounded up some key stats from 2022 below and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us all - bring on 2023!

Over £1.5m put back into owner’s pockets

This is a biggun and we’re super proud of it. In 2022 alone we’ve put £1.5 million pounds back into the pockets of car owners choosing to rent their cars out. Huge. Remember that when you rent from Karshare, you’re retaining money within your local community rather than giving it to a multinational car rental company. Sharing is caring after all!

181,280 tonnes of carbon emissions saved

That equals the same amount of emissions produced by 39,060 cars driven in just one year! Every car shared takes 10 others off the road which is what we’re all about. Under the Paris agreement an individual’s total carbon emissions budget over their entire lifetime is 50 tonnes and we’ve saved 181,280 tonnes of carbon this year! That’s what makes car sharing so important.

(*based on our fleet x 10 x 22t of carbon emissions to produce a car.)

10,329 rentals completed

Over 10,00 Karshare rentals have taken place this year. That totals at 524,027 hours, 21,834 days or 60 years of idle cars no longer sitting idle. Without car sharing, those cars would have been sat on the road not being used.

2,370,011 miles driven in a shared car

(In case you were wondering, that's enough miles to drive around the world 95 times.)

£10,560 Kudos Credits given to renters

At Karshare we reward great driving with Kudos Credits. These can be used for discounts off of future rentals and we’re pleased to say with our community of responsible renters we’ve given out over £10,000 worth of credits since April this year.

107,924 available rental days

Or 295 years worth of days where you could rent a car.

772 vehicles added

The brilliant thing about car sharing is that the range of makes and models available to rent is huge! From a 2 seater to a large van, there’s really something to suit everyone. We now have a total of 230 different models available to rent, so take your pick.

12,466 in-app reviews

Leaving reviews after rentals helps to build trust and shape the car sharing marketplace into a place fair for both car owners and renters. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to hit that review button.

Most popular vehicle - Volkswagen Golf

We know that everyone is renting a car for a different purpose, but there was one car that proved to be just that bit more popular this year - the Volkswagen Golf! Other top rented car models this year were a BMW 4 Series, Vauxhall Corsa and a Ford Fiesta. Which car will be the most popular in 2023 we wonder...

30,807 new users

We’re forever grateful to the car sharing champions that make Karshare possible. Without these car sharing pioneers, we wouldn’t be able to strive for a world where we never have more cars than we need. Thank you to the Karshare community for recognising the value in sharing cars!

*All stats correct as of 13th December 2022