How to make money with your car

Your car is, in all likelihood, one of your most valuable assets. But that value comes with a price – literally. From monthly finance payments to insurance to service charges to fuel costs, our vehicles are often as convenient as they are costly. But we’ve got some good news... What if your car could start paying for itself?

There are currently an estimated 38 million vehicles parked on our roads in the UK – and they are only used a meagre 4% of the time. That means that millions and millions of cars sit idle every day – unused and costing money. The Covid-19 pandemic has only further decreased daily car usage and the rise in remote working is predicted to have long-lasting effects on mobility overall.

At Karshare, we believe there’s a better way. Like, £6,600 better.

Car sharing enables car owners to rent out their vehicles to vetted drivers in their area in exchange for money. Unlike traditional car rental, renters can see exactly which car they have booked and are safe in the knowledge that they are committing to a vehicle which is tried and tested by a local owner. Through our unique KarshareGo technology, renters are also able to unlock their booked vehicle through their phone – so there is no key handover required.

By hiring out your vehicle with Karshare, you can earn up to £550 a month, without having to lift a finger. Eligible cars are provided with fully comprehensive insurance during the full rental period (pick up to drop off) with a replacement value of up to £50,000. Our insurance partner, QBE, will ensure that any costs of repair are covered, should a renter have an accident while driving your car.

The process is nice and simple: to start renting out your vehicle, onboard it to our platform using your registration number and select the dates and times you want to make it available for each month. We will then fit your car with our keyless technology to enable contactless renting and you will be notified via email and the Karshare App whenever a renter in your area selects your car. There are no upfront costs involved and Karshare will take care of all marketing activity, to ensure your vehicle is front and centre at all times.

To stay safe during the pandemic, we ask that both owners and renters please follow our Covid-19 cleaning policy so everyone can enjoy a clean car experience. Our cleaning charter and post-rental checks will ensure that your vehicle is returned in the same condition, every time.

To start making money with your car, enter your registration number here.

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