Getting around Birmingham for the international sporting event

From 28th July Birmingham plays host to 6,500 competing athletes representing 72 nations and territories. Over 11 days of competition in excess of one million people will travel to and from 15 competition venues and witness this festival of international sport unfold.

Keeping the city moving for visitors and residents alike has been a high priority topic in the planning for what is the largest event ever to be held in Birmingham. The event aims to create a carbon neutral legacy and their key focus on reducing the event’s carbon footprint shows in their transport plans around the city.

At Karshare, we know the most environmentally friendly way of getting around is to walk, to ride a bike or scooter, hop on a bus or take a train.

So it’s great to see the sustainable principles being adopted in transport planning for this event and the determination to create a legacy of cleaner, greener and safer transport.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific initiatives that will be active over the competition days:

Cycle around the city with West Midlands Cycle hire

Fancy a cycle around the city from venue to venue? WM Cycle Hire is offering two free 30-minute cycle hire rides to new and existing customers. With pop up docking stations at each of the major venues, it really is a hassle free way to get around. The city also has a new segregated cycleway along the A34 and the A38 to improve the cycling infrastructure and make it safer to cycle.

The offer runs from the 27th July - 8th August. Find out more here.

Scoot from A to B with Voi e-scooters

Not only have Voi expanded their operating area in Birmingham in time for the event, but they’ve also extended their operating hours to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that no matter where you are in the city, you’ll never be far from a Voi e-scooter and there’ll always be someone on the other end of the phone if you need a hand.

Having previously partnered with Voi in Bristol, Karshare are excited to see the further expansion of Voi’s operating area in Birmingham and the rise of micromobility solutions!

Rent a car from your community - or share yours!

For those visiting the city…

If you’re looking to visit Birmingham and need to utilise a car while you’re there, check out the range of cars available to rent in Birmingham. All of these cars are shared by Birmingham residents who are renting their cars out to others in order to help reduce the number of cars on our roads.

There are a few park and ride or park and walk stops dotted around the city, so if you need to use the car then you can complete the final leg of the journey on a bus or by foot!

For local Birmingham residents

We’re sure that there’ll be many visiting Birmingham and making it their base while they take the opportunity to explore other parts of the country too. Car sharing is a great way to make use of cars that already exist on our roads that would otherwise be sitting idle. Why not sign up to Karshare and help visitors to Birmingham get around in your car while you earn some extra income?

So, if you’re heading to the city next week and are in need of a car - you know where to look! And for those staying in the city, you can get involved and help Birmingham on the path to reaching their net zero targets by sharing your car today.