Why peer-to-peer car rental is the simpler way to rent cars

Car rental, made simple

Tired of the old school car rental experience where you’re met with long queues, unexpected costs, and often asked to drive a different car to the one you booked? We’re tired too. It’s a clunky approach and often comes with unnecessary stress. Karshare takes away those frustrations and provides a quick and easy rental solution by renting a car from your neighbour via the Karshare app. Not only is renting from someone in your community the most environmentally friendly form of car rental but there are also other key benefits when choosing Karshare over traditional car hire companies.

Here are just a few of the reasons why renting a car from your neighbour is the way forward - let’s go!

Straightforward booking and no hidden fees

Before you set off, you’ve got to book the rental car. We’re proud to be completely transparent with all the costs associated to renting with us. We provide a clear breakdown and the price you see when selecting your car is the final price you’ll pay. There are no hidden fees at all, so you can rest assured that you won’t be hit with additional charges like car hire firms sometimes do.

“I was very happy that there were no hidden costs, and the price shown for each vehicle was the same at checkout.” - Hjr, Trustpilot

Rent a car from your neighbourhood

Once you’ve booked a car and are ready to go, it can be an inconvenience to make your way to the car rental company to collect it. With Karshare there are many cars dotted across your city, so there could be a car parked up right around the corner from you.

“It’s much cheaper compared to normal rental sites. The thing I like the most is that you can choose a location near you to pick up the car.” - Peter, Trustpilot

Keyless technology and instant unlocking

Picture this - your bags are packed and you’re ready to set off on your journey, but now you have to stand in a queue and wait to collect your keys. With KarshareGo, our keyless technology, every car can be unlocked using the Karshare app. We’re the only car sharing platform whose entire fleet of cars is 100% keyless, so there’s never any need to stand in a queue or meet the car owner for a key handover.

"Really easy to use, booked a car almost last minute and it helped me out a lot, cheaper than other car rentals and the location of the car was near! The whole locking and unlocking a car with my phone blew me away!" - Louis, Trustpilot

Flexible collection times and no late pickup fees

Most car rental companies ask you to collect the car within an hour or two of the rental start time, otherwise, you’ll be charged a late pickup fee. With Karshare, you can collect the car as late as you’d like! Another benefit is that you’re not tied to standard car rental opening hours, meaning you can start or end your rental at whatever time suits you - even on a Sunday!

If you want more time with the car, you can easily extend your rental via the app. Rental extensions don’t require approval and come into effect instantly. The only time you cannot extend your rental is if the car has been booked and needs to be returned, or it’s been set as unavailable by the owner. However, our customer service team are on hand to help in these situations.

“Collection and drop off hours chosen by you with no key hassle if it's out of hours” - Customer, Trustpilot

Photograph condition reports

When renting from a hire company, many choose to protect themselves by taking images of a car before and after their rental to avoid any unfair damage claims. It’s often their word against the company and is hard to prove otherwise. This is why we make it mandatory for a 6-point photograph condition report to be carried out at the start and end of the rental so it’s clear if the damage occurred on the rental or not.

"The app is very good at ensuring any previous damage to the vehicle is pictured, so there are no nasty surprises." - Heppy, Trustpilot

Not affected by the shortage of rental cars

This is what makes car sharing so brilliant - the UK has 40 million cars sitting on our roads. And unlike traditional rental companies who are struggling to restock their fleets, peer-to-peer car sharing platforms will always have this huge fleet of existing vehicles to tap into. In fact, if just 2% of the UK shared their cars, there would be approx 620,000 cars available to rent, which is much larger than the entire UK car rental fleet size!

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to rent a car, you can browse nearby cars here.

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