Dedicated To You

Hey there,

I'm Vessy from the Product team at Karshare! I'll be running this new section of our blog, discussing all things product. Here you can read about all our new features, how and what we prioritise and of course hear stories of what's going on behind the scenes – where we have fun and deal with challenges at the same time. I'll walk you through the magic of how a customer insight translates into a new feature and so much more... so watch this space!

This first issue is dedicated to you, our customers – because what's a product without you guys?

To all of you sustainable vehicle owners out there: thank you for choosing a greener future for our planet by sharing your car. I know how much we can be attached to our vehicles at times, so sharing your car and helping your community means a lot – not only to our renters, but to all of us residing on Planet Earth. Plus, the extra cash you earn along the way comes super in handy, doesn't it?

And all of you sustainable renters: thank you for driving vehicles from the Karshare platform. Providing affordable cars near you and making your journey seamless is what we aim for every day. Also using that lock/unlock magic on your phone is pretty cool, right? I know exactly how it works (it's a great technology behind the scenes) but it still amazes me every. single. time. And isn't it just great using your neighbour's car, knowing you're helping them out?

So, to all of you already part of our family – thank you for being here!

And to those now joining – a huge welcome!

See you all soon,


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