Case study: Lisa Smith earns £200 a month through car sharing

Lisa, 25 years old, lives with her boyfriend in Redland, Bristol and their sausage dog Florence. They moved in October 2019 from Oxford as they have family in the area and spent a lot of time here.

With an Audi A1 on a finance plan and a walking commute to work Lisa decided to keep her car as she likes the independence it brings her, so they are a two-car household.

Lisa works in HR for a Bristol based charity which has been hit hard during the pandemic. As a result, a number of redundancies have taken place and hours reduced. In January 2021, Lisa will be going part-time and so will see a drop in her income.

Since renting her car out via Karshare, Lisa makes an additional £200 a month which helps to plug the gap in finances that going part-time will bring. For her, Karshare is a no brainer.

Lisa says: “Since moving to Bristol I rarely use my car. I don’t need it to get to and from work and so unless we went away on a weekend, it literally sits outside. Also, parking on our road is a nightmare; I have found myself driving around for 20 minutes trying to find a space before, which puts you off driving anyway to be honest.

“When the pandemic hit and lockdown happened, going away on weekends went out the window so my car was used even less. This is when I first heard of Karshare, and how they were helping frontline workers access people’s cars for free to help them travel around the city. I was happy to loan my car and a nurse who was working in a local hospital used it to get to and from her shifts.

“Once lockdown eased, Karshare suggested I keep my car on the platform and hired it out to people in exchange for payment; the same concept as Airbnb. It made complete sense – my car finance repayments, fuel and maintenance costs are a regular monthly outgoing and so if I could earn money to help offset the costs why not. I now earn £200 a month; it amazes me that I could be missing out on the extra money if I hadn’t decided to hire my car out via Karshare.

“The Karshare team have been incredibly supportive. As it’s an app, I thought it may lack the personal touch but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The team arranged for the keyless technology to be installed in my car which was really easy, my car has been returned washed various times and there is a real sense of care.

“My car is for hire on the platform most of the time and if I ever need to use it, I just take it off for that period of time. I have found Friday – Monday are the most popular times for people to hire, presumably so they can go away for the weekend or travel for day trips outside of the city.

“I have been moving the £200 straight into my savings each month. With my working hours reducing in January I’m aware I may need a buffer plus we would like to make some home improvements which we plan to use some of the money for.

“I’d say to anyone to use Karshare – there have been no downsides at all. I know my car is safe, insurance is in place, there is tracking so I can locate my car if needed; I have complete peace of mind.  I also like that I am doing my own little part in helping Bristol become more sustainable - car sharing is just one of the ways that hugely helps.

“To think of my car parked outside doing nothing seems ridiculous to me now. I’m now making an extra £2,400 a year and not having to actually do anything!”

If you have a car that you want to make work for you, sign up to Karshare today.