Car sharing during lockdown: essential travel support

Karshare will be operating as normal during lockdown. While it is crucial for everyone to stay at home whenever possible, there are a number of essential travel reasons, which we have cars available for. Karshare started off as a support service for key workers and front line staff and we are continuing in our mission to provide safe and easy access to vehicles for everyone during the pandemic.

Our community can continue to rent vehicles from nearby owners to complete essential journeys, such as:

  • Shopping for basic necessities, including groceries for your household or for a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to work or providing voluntary or charitable services
  • Travelling to an outdoor point of exercise within your local area
  • Travelling between support or childcare bubbles
  • Seeking medical assistance
  • Attending education or childcare

Through car sharing, renters have the benefit of locating and accessing vehicles close by, which they are the sole driver of for the duration of their booking. Our keyless technology also ensures that every transaction is entirely contactless and takes place entirely through our mobile app – no key handover required. Car owners are also provided with sanitisation kits including antibacterial sprays and Covid-19 safety guidelines to ensure that their vehicles are clean and safe to use before each rental. These are kept inside the vehicle so renters can sanitise again when they have completed their booking. You can read more about our safety measures here.

Karshare has also made a fleet of cars available in Bristol to continue supporting essential services in our communities, from homeless charities to caring services. If you are or you know of a health worker, care worker, volunteer or charity worker in need of a vehicle to help people in your community, we can lend you a car. Please get in touch with us and find out more.

Having access to a nearby vehicle can help you safely navigate during lockdown. Book a car today or speak to your team for more information at