Car rentals in Tier 3: What you can and cannot do in Bristol

Following the government’s recent announcement that Bristol will enter into Tier 3 from 2 Dec, we look at the implications this has on the travel sector and what renters are still able to do under new restrictions.

In Bristol, which has now been placed on very high alert, essential travel still includes your commute to work, education or places of worship as well as journeys to receive medical treatment or attend caring responsibilities. Guidelines also state that you can travel to overnight stays if they are required for work or form stop-offs as part of a longer journey.

You are permitted to meet with 5 other people (obeying the “Rule of 6”) in outdoor public spaces, such as parks, beaches, the countryside or outdoor sports facilities. This also includes organised outdoor sports and exercise classes, such as Sunday League Football, golf and tennis. You can now also travel to exercise at certain indoor venues, including leisure centres, gyms and sports facilities, which are allowed to reopen on 2 Dec.

For those less inclined to exercise and more interested in some pre-Christmas pampering, you can also journey to non-essential shops, hairdressers and nail and beauty salons, which will all reopen on 2 Dec as well. If you’re looking for a bit of fun, know that drive-in events such as drive-in cinemas or theatre performances are now also permitted.

In terms of Bristol’s food and drink offering, pubs and restaurants have to remain shut for the time being, however takeaway and drive-thru-s are still encouraged and Visit Bristol’s directory is a great tool to help you find special offers, opening times and more.

The restrictions around weddings and funerals have shifted slightly, with a maximum limit of 15 people placed on weddings, civil partnerships and wakes, while the 30 person maximum for funerals still applies.

The government has also placed an exemption of gathering limits for people moving home during this time, which is good news for anyone in need of a helping hand during their big transition.

But how do you get to these places?

In a recent blogpost, we talked about how lockdown and tier restrictions can be an especially challenging aspect for households without their own personal transport. In an area on very high alert, it is unsurprising that many will feel uncomfortable taking public transport or getting into a taxi with someone not in their bubble. With temperatures dropping, the alternatives of walking or cycling are also increasingly less appealing. So what’s left?

Car sharing can be a real benefit to those looking for a safe way to get around.

Karshare’s entire booking process takes place over the app, meaning that the car owner and car renter never have to meet in person to hand over the keys. The keyless technology that is installed in every car on our platform makes it possible for renters to pick up and unlock their booked vehicle through facial recognition, resulting in a purely contactless transaction.

This safe method of renting a car is coupled with our rigid cleaning charter, which owners and renters must adhere to. Car owners are provided with Karshare’s bespoke sanitisation kits, which include antibacterial wipes and spray, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and a clear set of instructions on how to thoroughly disinfect their vehicle. They are advised to carefully clean their vehicle before each rental and renters are requested to return the car in the same condition.  

The third major benefit of renting a car from your community is that the cars on our platform are located nearby. This means that you do not have to travel by unknown means to a distant pick-up location, such as the airport or a train station, and queue at a counter, risking contamination - instead, you can use our app to discover a car that is right around the corner, minimising your exposure to others and making your rental experience all the more uncomplicated.

It is our mission to make things as easy and hassle-free as possible for anyone looking to rent a car in these trying times. This is what has made Karshare what it is today and continues to be our driving force. From day trips to rentals by the hour, car sharing can help you get to where you need to be in a Covid-safe way, without having to compromise.

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