Building a community of trusted renters

How Karshare grows a community of trusted renters

Karshare is the only peer-to-peer car sharing platform whose fleet is 100% owned by individuals in the community. We don’t put our own cars on the road and every vehicle is owned by someone choosing to share their car with others. This is why we care a lot about building a community of responsible renters, providing peace of mind to the champions sharing their cars.

Interested in the steps we take to make sure the cars are treated with respect and driven responsibly? From driver telematics to rewarding great driving, we’re going to run you through the features we have in place to help build a trusted community of renters. 👇

Licence verification

Before a renter is able to start their rental, their driving licence must first be verified. We run checks on the driving licence to ensure that the renter is eligible to drive and meets our renter requirements. The renter criteria includes having held a driving licence for at least two years and having no more than 3 points on it.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is used at the start of every rental to securely authenticate renters before they can unlock the car they’ve rented. This guarantees that the person driving your car is the same person who booked it. We also carry out random identity checks, where mid-way through a rental the driver may be asked to confirm their identity again with facial recognition.

Driver telematics

KarshareGo monitors renter behaviour to encourage safer driving. We use telematics to track speed, smooth driving, braking and more to score the renter's driving style. Other factors such as fatigue and distraction are taken into consideration too when providing the renter with a driving score.

Kudos Credits

We're the only car sharing platform to incentivise responsible driving. We reward renters with Kudos Credits based on their driving score - the higher the score, the bigger the discount! If a renter scores high overall, in their speed and their smooth driving, they’ll be rewarded with discounts on future rentals.

“Loved the way they rate your driving and how you can get kudos **for being a good driving and the extra cash you get is a real bonus.” - Chris, Trustpilot

In-app reviews

At the end of each rental, the renter and owner can leave a review for each other. We monitor these closely and investigate any negative reviews left for either party. We'll also ban a renter if they're seen to be problematic, which is why it's always important to leave reviews for your renters.

The people choosing to rent with Karshare are making a positive impact by renting from an individual sharing their personal car. And those renting their cars out are helping to enable others to get by without needing to own a car themselves! If you’re interested in sharing your car with people in your community who are looking to rent a car, you can get started here or book a chat with one of our team.