Bristol Mayor supports car sharing in live Q&A

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, took time to address Karshare’s car sharing initiative in his first Question Time of 2021, on Facebook Live.

Ahead of the Q&A, Karshare submitted a question via Twitter, asking how car sharing might fit into Bristol’s green transport plans and reiterating the fact that for every 1 car shared, we can take 14 off the road, thus drastically reducing emissions.

The Mayor responded that we are “moving into that sharing economy in many ways” and expressed that the City Council are “supporters of car sharing – both larger, formal schemes like car clubs and the more locally organised schemes”, such as Karshare. “If you do have an opportunity to share, please do so”, he stated.

The car sharing solution for Bristol makes sense. As Mr Rees acknowledged, “it is a smart city in which innovations in tech and all those other means that facilitate lifestyle change are at the forefront of what we do” and that he would be “looking for those ideas coming forward, to build into our system.”

The Mayor then went on to extend an offer to Karshare, inviting us to connect with the City Transport Board, working on Bristol’s One City plan, a series of outcomes, challenges and opportunities that Bristol must embrace in order to “be all we want to be by 2050: a sustainable city, an inclusive city, a city of hope matching all we do to the global sustainable development goals.”

Karshare are thrilled to be working with Bristol’s representatives and decision makers to implement long-lasting change that will reduce emissions in the city.

You can watch the full recording here.