Bringing our community stories to life

As we continue to grow our business and share the benefits of car sharing with more and more people, we want to find ways of taking you behind the scenes to show you what life at Karshare is really like.

This week, we’re here to tell you about our recent testimonial video shoot that took place (on a very, very rainy day) in Bristol a few weeks ago. As we’ve launched in more and more areas across the country, we have learned that ‘social proof’ is key to reaching new audiences. People are much more likely to buy into a product or service if they know that it is trusted and enjoyed by others. A great example is Trustpilot, where consumers are invited to review their recent experiences with a company, so others know what to expect when they decide to engage as well. We have worked hard to grow our Trustpilot score through outstanding customer service and are now sitting at a healthy 4.8 stars out of 5, with close to 140 reviews under our belt. But a good Trustpilot score is not enough – we had to find a way to share these real-life experiences in different ways.

So we partnered with Clockwise, a film production company based in Bristol, who came on board to help us bring our ideas to life. We invited some of our top performing car owners and frequent renters to join us for a day of filming and share their experiences of Karshare on camera. This was an open space for them to talk about their personal opinions of the platform and how it has helped them in their daily lives. We knew that prospective users would really benefit from seeing these first-hand testimonials and discover the different reasons people have decided to use Karshare.

Despite a couple of hiccups along the way (read: pouring rain on a day that promised nothing but sunshine and a car covered in bird poo), we were able to record some great stories from our interviews and capture some additional footage of the app in action, demonstrating both the sharing and renting process. Our aim was to be as transparent as possible, answering both the “Why?” and the “How?” questions of Karshare. Why should I share/rent a car in the first place? And – how does it work? By removing the technical jargon used in traditional ads or marketing materials and replacing it with everyday language that is tangible and comes ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ (for lack of a better expression…), we created something that is way more accessible to people unfamiliar with our product.

Now, whenever a new potential community member sees our ads on Facebook or visits our new website (keep your eyes peeled for that one, by the way), they will see Tom, Lisa, Mikolaj or David sharing their insights into the platform. We have already seen great success resulting from our videos and are set to reach even more audiences as we use them to support our launches in new cities across the UK.

If you are a car owner or renter on Karshare and would like to participate in our next marketing campaign or share your personal experience of Karshare, please do get in touch with us at

You can watch all our videos on Youtube by clicking here.