Autumnal adventures that won’t break the bank

Ideas to get you out and about this half term

Spooky season has arrived, but with the way that things are at the moment, there’s enough going on already to be afraid of. This is why we’re highlighting a few day trip ideas that aren’t going to give you or your bank account a fright!

If you find yourself looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this half term, or you’ve got a day spare and are after some inspiration, we’ve picked four wholesome autumnal activities for you to sink your fangs into (😅).

Take a walking tour of another town or city

Did you know the average Brit has only seen a third of the country? Use your days off to pick a town or city at random, head out on a road trip and start exploring! While you’re there, you can throw yourself into tourist mode even more and sign up to a walking tour to learn as much about the new area as possible. Most cities have free walking tours where you can choose the amount to donate at the end of the trip based upon your experience. Return home that evening feeling cultured knowing that you’ve explored an area of the country that you hadn’t seen before.

Lose yourself in a forest of autumn leaves

One of the best things about the autumn months is the change in the colour of leaves. What better way to immerse yourself in the orangey tones than to find a forest trail walk? 13% of the UK is woodland area, which means you’re never too far away from a forest! All you need to do is drive to the forest and put on a pair of comfy shoes you can spend the day walking in. If you don’t own a pair of walking boots but want to kit yourself out, you can rent a pair for the day from a peer-to-peer rental websites like Fat Llama, Library of Things or others.

To find out where your closest forests are, Forestry England has a handy online tool which can help you identify your next walk. No matter who you’re with or if you’re alone, getting out and about in nature for a forest trail walk is up there on the list of wholesome things to do in autumn.

Pick the perfect pumpkin for carving

This may be deemed as a basic activity in October, but who doesn’t love letting their inner arts and crafts child out once in a while. You’re never too old for pumpkin carving! There are many farms selling pumpkins that you can drive out to and make a day of it. With friends or family, it’s a great excuse to get some fresh air and exercise your creativity.

With that being said, a terrifying 22 million pumpkins are going to go to waste this year, as only 1 in 9 Brits go on to cook their pumpkin at Halloween. We’ve recently given #KarshareKudos to Hubbub, who are raising awareness and demonstrating how best to cook a pumpkin. So, if you’re picking a pumpkin this year, make sure you #EatYourPumpkin too!

Explore the summer hot spots

You might not think to visit a seaside town when the sun’s not shining, but it’s a great way to take in the tourist hot spots when it’s off-season. Walking along the beaches when they aren’t packed with people is one of the most peaceful ways to experience the coast. If you’re feeling brave, you could even rent a wetsuit and head into the sea to truly immerse yourself - definitely a day you won’t forget. There are plenty of great spots to sit back and watch the waves, or cosy up with a cuppa in a cafe overlooking the sea. Why restrict yourself to the summer to go and see the sea? Just don’t forget to wrap up warm!

Rent a car for any occasion

The suggestions above are all low cost activities that you can either do alone or with family and friends. Rental cars on Karshare start from £30 a day, so if you’re splitting this between passengers then you could get to where you need to be at a minimal cost. Browse nearby cars and instantly book your next drive to kick off your autumn adventure.