How Alan covered the costs of his car in two months

Alan Cleaver and his wife are both Bristol residents who, like many others, are now both working from home. This shift in day-to-day life meant that their secondary car became slightly redundant as it was no longer needed for the daily commute. 

Upon discovering Karshare through Google Maps when searching for directions, Alan became interested and wanted to find out more. “Previously I’ve been a car club member, so I was interested in what Karshare was. It became obvious from visiting the Karshare website that the platform would be suitable for us.”

It was a no-brainer for Alan to share one of their cars through the Karshare platform. “Our primary car is electric, so we prefer to use that whenever we can, leaving the larger people carrier unused for long periods of time. However, due to a trip we have planned for the future we wanted to keep the car rather than sell it. When I became aware of Karshare it seemed an ideal opportunity to at least in part finance the ownership costs of the car.”

“We received our first booking within a few hours.”

Their Ford Tourneo Connect was an instant hit with the community and required minimal time to onboard it onto the platform. “The signup process is trivial and the equipment installed by Karshare is completed in a few hours. After some photographs were taken on a sunny day, the car was made available on the sharing platform within a few days and we received our first booking within a few hours.”

“Since the car has been available on the platform, I’ve been astounded by the number of people that have rented it.”

Alan and his wife were able to pay off the car costs for the entire year within the first two months - all down to the fact that they opened up the use of the car to their local community. “It is very easy to manage the availability of the car, the renters always bring it back clean and so it’s a delight to use when we use it ourselves! The fact that we have made enough money in the first two months to pay for the car for the entire year is a major benefit.”

Alan strongly recommends Karshare to all car owners. “Even if you regularly use your car, it is still easy to rent it out on those few days you don’t need it.”

To rent Alan’s Ford Tourneo Connect from just £32 a day, click here.

If you are interested in sharing your vehicle, get in touch with the Karshare team here.