7 sharing economy apps to help you earn money in 2021

2020 forced us to look at our income with a fresh pair of eyes – from furlough schemes to redundancies, it has not been easy navigating the new and uncertain world of work we find ourselves in. Luckily, the sharing economy is here to help. By utilising the assets and skills you already possess, you can create additional income streams in 2021 thanks to some very handy apps.*

1. Rover

Get paid to dog sit. It’s that simple. Rover connects dog owners with dog lovers and enables sitters to earn money by opening their home to fluffy friends in the neighbourhood. It all happens through the Rover app and sitters can make themselves available for dog walking, doggy day care, drop-in visits or overnight boarding. You can set your own rates and Rover will ensure your profile is listed at the very top if you regularly keep your calendar and availability updated.

2. By Rotation

If your wardrobe is full of up-market and designer products with nowhere to go, you can rent them out to others on the By Rotation app. Lenders can list their items with full flexibility on pricing and dates by simply taking a picture of the clothing they want to share and uploading it to the platform. If your item is in demand, you will receive rental requests by people seeking to borrow it for an occasion! Items are shared either in-person at a public location or via Tracked Royal Mail and the By Rotation team will step in in case of loss or damage.

3. Karshare

If you’re not using your car as much as you used to, you can earn up to £550 a month by renting it out to others in your community. Karshare provides comprehensive insurance on every booking so your vehicle is protected at all times. Plus, every rental takes place via the mobile app, meaning owners and renters never have to meet in person for a key handover. Renters lock and unlock their booked vehicle through facial recognition on their phone and owners can cash in once the booking is complete.

4. TaskRabbit

No matter what secret skill you’ve got, there is bound to be someone in your city looking for a helping hand. From assembling IKEA furniture to doing the weekly shop to helping someone with their personal finances, TaskRabbit enables local people to be their own boss. After signing up, verifying your eligibility and setting your dates and rates, you will keep 100% of what you charge, plus tips!

5. Airbnb

Probably one of the most iconic sharing economy platforms, Airbnb has completely transformed the hotel industry, giving everyday people a chance to show off their homes and make money through sharing. Airbnb is so much more than lavish villas in Santorini or quaint apartments in Manhattan, it is an opportunity for travellers to access affordable accommodation where it’s all about location, location, location. If you’ve got a bit of spare room in your home, you can rent out a space and set clear boundaries over which areas are communal and which are solely yours – or, put your entire property online and earn income while you’re away.

6. JustPark

Parking space has become one of the hottest commodities in the UK with drivers all over the country vying for that perfect place to leave their car. If you’re one of the lucky people with your own garage, driveway or parking spot, you can rent it out whenever it’s not in use in exchange for money. Listing your parking spot is completely free and drivers can locate it via the app. The first £1,000 earned every year is tax free!

7. Camplify

This one’s for all the campervan and motorhome lovers out there. Camplify is a platform that allows van owners to rent out their assets to local explorers. Help cover the expenses of owning a campervan and receive 90% off of every booking made. Select your own pricing and availability and get final say over who gets to rent your precious home on wheels!

*Please note that some of the services above are currently reduced due to Covid restrictions.